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On The Rock Consultants (Pvt) Ltd was invited to a factory tour of K. Davie Packaging today. K. Davie Packaging is a small company which produces a range of packaging products which are being consumed by some of the leading edge companies in Zimbabwe. Some of these large companies include Dairiboard Zimbabwe, African Distillers Limited, The Zimbabwe Bata Shoe Company, Chemplex, Cairns Foods, Esnell & Sons and Gud Filter among others. The story behind the founding and growth of the company is an inspiring one especially from the fact that the founder is a woman passionate about business.

The founder of the company, Kudzayi Dave got in business as a commodity broker in 1999. The changing business circumstances in the hyperinflationary period in Zimbabwe led to the folding of many packaging companies in the country. Kudzayi saw her opportunity to enter into the sector as the barriers to entry weakened due to decline in competition as only a few players remained in the sector. She then diversified into paper packaging from 2008. The company started on a positive humanitarian note when they employed some disabled people at St Giles, on the premise that disability does not imply inability. Today the company has grown in both turnover and production volumes. In 2016 the company had a turnover of more than US$300 000. They have a very effective supply chain which includes some integral suppliers based in South Africa.

K. Davies is serving organizations and individuals in many industries including Electronic, automobile, pharmaceutical, telecom, domestic appliances, tobacco, distilleries, food products and shoe manufacturing. Some of their distinguished clients include African Distillers Ltd, Mashonaland Tobacco Company, Cairns Foods, E. Sneil and Company, Straitia Beverages and Punch Bowl among others.

Kudzayi, who is an ardent christian fellowshipping at Celebration Church International credits the company’s growth to the grace of God. I acknowledge that God gives the power to make wealth but applying the wisdom and favour is of man. Kudzayi has applied a hands-on approach to nurture the company into a recognised brand it is today. Her accolades in business include:

Zimbabwe Business Woman of the Year (2016)

Top Female Business Leader of the Year (2016)

Company of the Year (2016)

Brand of the Year Award in the Paper and Packaging Industry (2016)

A tour of the factory showed that the factory is at its full capacity which authenticates the company’s call to be provided with a bigger place to relocate their operations. The tour of the factory included some government officials who are helping the company in finding a bigger place to relocate their operations. Dr Kurebwa who is from the Ministry of Psychomotor Activities in Education was part of the touring delegation.

K. Davie Packaging’s success is hinged upon customer centricity, supreme quality, a wide distribution network, timely delivery, and an effective pricing policy. The company also is flexible and adaptive to changes in the market and boasts of a diligent team of research and development personnel.

The company is located at 36B James Martin Drive, Tel: 2634620261, 263772859545 or 263713452141. Email: kdavieagencies45@gmail.com.

By Edgar Muzvidzwa, Email: edgarmuzvidzwa@gmail.com, Website: www.ontherock.co.zw





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