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According to the FDi Magazine October/ November 2018, Africa has three representatives in the Top 50 Nation Brands 2018. Malaysia is on number 30, South Africa and Nigeria are 49 and 50 respectively. As usual USA is on pole position followed by China, Germany, UK and Japan completing the top five most valuable brands. France, Canada, Italy, India and South Korea complete the top ten most valuable brands of the year.

The report shows that there is a visible link between world class nation brands and world class FDI. Clear parallels exist between top 30 greenfield FDI in 2017 and top 30 most valuable brands of 2018.

It is a fact that although nations like Egypt and Morroco on an African perspective may not have featured in the top fifty most valuable brands, they will climb up the ladder as they are among the most favourable FDI destinations for the past decade. In 2017 Morroco was 35th and Egypt 40th. It will intresting to see how Mozambique will fare in 2019 and it has made a tremendous ppositive shift in terms of greenfield FDI receipts.

Zimbabwe is in the process of making changes to attract FDI in the country as many greenfield and brownfield projects are available for investment. The Finance Minister pointed out in his budget for 2019 that the government will want to operationalise the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency. Currently, the national organisations that deal with investment are stand alones as there is the Zimbabwe Investment Authority, Zimtrade and the Zimbabwe Special Economic Zones Authority.

Africa needs to do more in 2019 in terms of FDI competitiveness and attractiveness. It is encouraging to note most trouble spots in Africa are resolving their differences which is a positive development. Eritrea and Ethiopia signed peace pacts and in the DRC parties have agreed to have election held. It is expected that Sudan and South Sudan will find each other. A peaceful and productive Africa is what we envisage.

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